Archiving The Black Web 

The expansive growth of the web and social media and the wide use of these platforms by Black people presents significant opportunities for archivists and other memory workers interested in documenting the contemporary Black experience. But while web archiving practice and tools have grown over the past twenty-five years, it is a cost prohibitive archiving activity and presents access and resource challenges that prevent large sectors of the archives profession and especially Black collecting organizations from fully engaging in the practice. The Archiving the Black Web national forum is an urgent call to action to address these issues with the goal of establishing a more equitable and accessible web archiving practice that can more effectively document the Black experience online.

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Panel Discussion Previews


   Join us for a lively discussion about remixing and sampling the archive and leveraging social media as a tool to celebrate everyday Black people past and present from across the African Diaspora

This panel of Black archivists will discuss some of the challenges and opportunities for Black collecting organizations and others interested in archiving the Black web


This session of scholars, organizers, and memory workers will address several important questions related to activism and the web including: In what ways are contemporary activists and organizers using the web for their work?

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